Cradle is a science-fiction first-person story/quest driven exploration game developed by Flying Cafe for Semianimals. The story has been designed around the relationship of the protagonist (the player) and a robotic companion. The player must repair the mechanical body of the companion in order to solve the mystery of the neglected entertainment park (theme/amusement park). The game has been released on steam, and has been praised for its quirky story and rich graphics.

Dodger has played this game, completing 8 episodes though the game was never finished. The series has been cancelled with no plans to continue at this point.

Episode Guide Edit

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Video Name Table yt
CRADLE First Impressions / 1-CUP Watch
Turning on the robot! / CRADLE Part 2 Watch
Well this got weird... / CRADLE Part 3 Watch
Let`s scan flowers! / CRADLE Part 4 Watch
Gurl`s gotta see! / CRADLE Part 5 Watch
Morphophobia?? / CRADLE Part 6 Watch
Get the satellite working! / CRADLE Part 7 Watch
Glitching Out / CRADLE Part 8 Watch