John Bain, also known as TotalBiscuit The Cynical Brit or TB , was born on July 8, 1984 and is the owner and creator of YouTube channels TotalHalibut and TotalBiscuit. He is considered one the United Kingdom's top gaming commentators, providing credible and professional videos and critiques to new and upcoming games. John Bain works alongside Dodger in The Co-optional Podcast and works as a part of Polaris.


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John began broadcasting when he was just 13 years old and was a founding member and beta-tester for Live365 , John went on to become the Head of Specialist Music at his University’s radio station and host a prime-time extreme metal show called Demon FM after which he took his talents to the realm of talk radio, hosting the groundbreaking World of Warcraft show “Blue Plz”, which is still the most popular solo-hosted WoW show on the internet. After 5 years at WoW Radio, 4 of which in the role of managing director, John decided to take his rigorous standards, work ethic and extensive experience and apply them to a new site. Thus “The Cynical Brit ” was born.


  • TotalBiscuit initially went by the username SoulCake, but stopped using it due to overuse.
  • He was diagnosed with colon cancer in it early stages back in August 2014, and had announced on October 15, 2015 that his cancer had metastasized into his liver and therefore had become terminal. Although his videos were still released in his typical schedule during the timeframe of his diagnosis, he took a vacation two weeks later, and his videos have returned to normal.
  • He is a fan of Terry Pratchett's books.
  • He has worked in the UK line of gaming shops, GAME.
  • John met his wife, Genna, at Blizzcon 2010 and moved to America (more specifically, North Carolina) to live with her and her son.
    • John has a step-son named Orion.
    • John and Genna formerly owned their own Starcraft II team named Axiom eSports, but the team was closed in 2015.
    • They currently owns two dogs: Kumo, a White Japanese Akita and Maya, a Red Shiba Inu. They also own a cat called (name to be added).